Less, better


I've been a teacher and tutor for over 30 years and feel I'm just about getting the hang of it. In addition to teaching content, I focus particularly on getting my students to think more deeply about how and why they study, helping them learn better how to learn, That really is the fun of teaching.

I work in the North Kent area (principally in and around Gravesend and Medway) and specialise in maths and physics, but also run sessions on essay writing (which concentrate on improving grammar, punctuation and structure). Most of my students are studying A-level or IB, but I also run GCSE and 11+ sessions. Although offering individual tuition from time to time, I mainly run small groups, classes and crammers, which provide a better education at far lower cost.

In addition to offering personal tuition, I also produce free video
tutorials for those unable to afford help (or for whom a trip to the bucolic paradise of North Kent is sufficiently unfeasible or unpalatable). The library is currently small but will doubtless grow with my children (who are the reason I currently have so little time to make more – either videos and children).

In terms of qualifications, I hung around Cambridge till they gave me a couple of degrees to go away, then repeated the trick at Oxford a few years later. I've therefore acquired a bachelors in physics, masters in history/philosophy and theology, and a doctorate in theology. Which displays either commendably diverse interests or an inability to stick at anything. My wife suggests the latter.

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