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If you are interested in tuition then please either fill in a contact form or phone 01474 - 822 422. I teach a range of subjects from primary through to A-level, although my core interests lie in the sciences, maths and humanities.

Additionally, I operate in the North Kent area (principally in and around Gravesend and Medway), so while a call from New Zealand would be lovely it may prove tricky for us to hook up. Unless you Zoom.


The hourly rates are as follows:

Individual: £60

Group: £20

Class: £10

Crammer: £8

For further information please see the FAQ in the
FAQ and also a brief rant about the nature of current A-levels.

Privacy Policy

Your details will stay at Fairlight Tuition. Under no circumstances will I pass them on to a third party. I hate it when someone does that to me and therefore have no intention of doing it to you.